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How do I add a resume?

You can add a resume to your account by going to the Resume Page on your dashboard and clicking on the green button on the right that says "Add."

You will have the option to build your resume from the information in your Portfolio using our Resume Builder Tool, upload your resume file, or choose a document from Dropbox or Google Drive. After adding your resume to our site, you will be asked if you want that resume to be searchable by employers in the iHire network. See "Resume Privacy Options" for more information on who can see a resume you've added to your iHire account.

If our site is not accepting your resume, please review the list of error messages below to find out what step(s) you can take to get your resume successfully added to our site:

  • "Please select a resume to upload." This means you have not selected a file from your computer to upload. Please select your resume file and try again.               
  • "Please paste your resume in the field above." This means there is no text present. Please copy and paste or type your resume in the provided text box.
  • "File size cannot exceed 5MB." The resume file you are uploading is too large. Please upload a smaller file  Also, a scanned resume will not upload and may give you the error that it is too large. Please try a Word document or PDF that is not scanned.               
  • "Invalid file type. Please select a valid resume to upload." Your resume file must be in rtf, txt, htm, html, pdf, doc, or docx form.
  • "Our server is having issues processing the resume; please try again later. Sorry for the inconvenience." This means that our resume processing server is not working properly and we are currently trying to fix it. Check back frequently to see if the issue has been resolved.               
  • "Your resume seems to be invalid." Our resume server is having trouble identifyng this document or text as a resume. Try uploading another file.        

If you need help uploading your resume, please email your file to and we will get it posted for you.  

Learn how to use our Resume Builder Tool (available to Premium and Basic members) with this quick tutorial video:


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