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Job Postings
Advertise Your Openings to Our Network of 162,000 Maintenance and Installation Candidates
Recruit on your schedule with flexible and affordable Job Slots or create a custom Job Wrap package to automatically post your jobs across the iHire network.
Powerful Matching Technology: Get your openings in front of the right talent on site, via email alerts, and in our partner networks.
Employer Branding Solutions: Expand your reach with branded email and display ad campaigns. Create a free company profile featuring your unique employer brand.
Innovative Hiring Tools: Easily organize your candidates, collaborate with your team, and communicate with potential hires – all from your iHireMaintenanceandInstallation dashboard.

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Search Over 44,000 Maintenance and Installation Resumes from Qualified Job Seekers
Get unlimited resume views and find the right Maintenance and Installation talent by job title, location, education, skills, and more.
Comprehensive Talent Pool: Reach active and passive candidates who engage with iHireMaintenanceandInstallation throughout their careers thanks to our exceptional candidate experience.
Fast, Accurate Search Results: Quickly zero in on the right resumes with our industry-focused approach.
Fresh Resumes in Your Inbox: Set up customized alerts to get new matching resumes sent directly to you.

How iHireMaintenanceandInstallation Connects You With Qualified Candidates
Industry-Specific Talent
We attract and retain job seekers who are ready to grow in their Maintenance and Installation careers. How? Our exceptional candidate experience puts them first.
Powerful Recruiting Solutions
Create a custom plan that fits your unique needs. With proven job posting, resume search, recruitment marketing, and employer branding solutions, we’ve got you covered.
Expert Customer Support
The people behind our award-winning technology are our true secret sauce. Your Client Relationship Manager knows what it takes to win the war for talent and will help you reach your hiring goals.
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