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Guide to Maintenance Technician Careers

Do you consider yourself technically inclined? Do you find that you like to tinker with things and have a natural knack for fixing machines or equipment? You might find success and joy in a career as a maintenance technician.  


Skills in Demand

You might be wondering if this type of job is still relevant, with technology advancing at such a rapid pace. The short answer is “yes.” Even though the world is becoming more automated, that doesn’t mean the need for qualified and skilled labor has gone away. Machines, equipment, and buildings powered by electricity need to be installed, maintained, and repaired. And the people who work in these facilities depend on skilled technicians to ensure smooth sailing.

This means individuals with these maintenance technician resume skills are in demand. Employment of general maintenance and repair workers is projected to grow 8% from 2016 to 2026, about as fast as the average for all occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But what about a maintenance technician salary? According to that same data, maintenance technicians can expect to make a median salary of $37,670 per year, or $18.11 per hour. The exact nature of the role and specific tasks will vary, ranging from cleaning (janitorial) to fire safety—and everything in between.


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In other words, there is job security. According to the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA), this interdisciplinary practice “considers the coordination of people, place, process, and technology.” This work is necessary for the operation and safety of schools, government, businesses, and nonprofits. 


female maintenance technician working on equipment


Work That Matters

When considering these expectations, it’s important to keep in mind that your work has a significant and oftentimes quantifiable impact. For example, maintenance technicians are tasked with reducing damage and increasing productivity. Some are even in charge of ensuring physical health and safety. It’s a never-ending job that can come with a great sense of pride, satisfaction, and professional growth. You can get a feel for the scope of this work by reviewing a sample resume for maintenance technicians:


ihiremaintenanceandinstallation resume sample


A Day in the Life

While there are many variables, there are some particulars you can expect regardless of discipline. For one, you can expect to work 40 hours a week at least, with a strong possibility of more time for salaried positions and companies that require overnight operations. This erratic schedule is not uncommon because oftentimes the nature of the work can disrupt the normal flow of business.

So what does an average day or shift on the job look like? As mentioned before, the day-to-day tasks are not necessarily standard. However, generally speaking, all maintenance technicians are concerned with increasing efficiency and reduce waste while keeping people safe. These are standard maintenance technician resume skills.


male maintenance technician servicing a water heater



How might one enter this field? For most unskilled roles, a high school diploma/GED can be a foot in the door. Of course, qualities like being willing to be part of a team and attention to detail are in demand. Entry-level managers will be expected to have some kind of degree or certification. Disciplines like management, construction, hospitality, engineering, property management, and generalized business studies might make a candidate marketable. Some companies offer apprenticeships, which can mean on-the-job training and advancement to a higher maintenance technician salary.


So, in short, a job as a maintenance technician would suit someone naturally curious and willing to put in a hard day’s work. If this sounds like you, check out maintenance technician job openings in your area today!

By Lauren Caggiano, Guest Author | November 05, 2018
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